If you are, chances are pretty good that your resume will not work for you the way it should. A fatal mistake for many is spending all their efforts solely on how to write their resume instead of putting energy into how their resume LOOKS. While it’s really important to have amazing and accurate content, it’s of paramount importance that it’s read. Creating a resume that will gain attention in a professional but interesting way is the key to having your resume read.

Imagine going to your ‘snail-mailbox’ and pulling out all of your mail for the day, what do you instantly toss away? What do you immediately decide has little or no value to you?¬†How many envelopes, generically addressed on a white label are you casting aside?

What if I said in one of those envelopes was a letter instructing you to call a phone number to claim a $100 bill, no strings? But, you just tossed it?! It didn’t catch your eye or you didn’t feel it had any value.

What if I said that COULD have easily been your resume in the hands of a potential employer? What if they didn’t have the initial interest to read an learn more about the value you have to offer. You could have been the valuable $100 bill cast aside out of lack of interest or time.

Having a large amount of experience in the advertising business moving from job to job, I discovered that your job search should be treated like an ad campaign. Creating a resume that opens the door then sells you IS THE KEY. To learn more on how to make that happen beyond how to write a resume, explore Door Opening Resumes.

’til next time, best of luck in your search